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    Get peace of mind knowing that the #1 security company in The Bahamas is helping protect your family and home.

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    Stop crime before it happens. Our security systems offers affordable, effective protection against unauthorized entry and robbery.

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    Please check back from time to time to see what monthly deals we are offering to our new customers as well as current ones.

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Sawyer Security Systems provides expert security needs for your home or business: from fire alarms, intrusion systems, gate automation, access control systems, CCTV, and more.

We service all of Abaco for Business Security, Home Security, and Gate Security Systems.

Every customer, whether they be commercial, residential, or industrial gets individualized attention. Because while we are proud to be the chosen security specialist for Abaco's largest facilities, we are equally honored of the record of trust and reliability we have built with individual homeowners throughout the island.

Sawyer Security Systems loss prevention advisors are trained to ensure clients receive proper security coverage using the significant arsenal of security tools and techniques they have at their disposal.

An advisor will begin first by having a detailed discussion with our potential clients to determine their specific application and security needs. Once an advisor is satisfied that they have an understanding of the clients needs a security solution will be recommended. There is absolutely ‘no obligation’ to follow any recommendation given and there is no charge for our security evaluation.

Business Security

Our company's commercial security systems significantly reduce the threat of intrusion, enhance operational efficiency, and protect your employees and your customers 24/7. Our trained professionals will assess your unique business environment, recommend a solution that is right for you, and set up professional installation by one of certified technicians.

Radio Back Up Service - A Reliable Alternative

The majority of alarm systems on the market are integrated directly into your phone system. Any criminal with this knowledge can simply cut the phone line without detection and render your system useless. Your security company will not be notified and willl not recieve your distress signal when you may need it the most. We have you covered at Sawyer's Alarm Systems, with a security system based on reliable radio communication.

When sensors are triggered, notification is sent immediately to a central location via radio signal for a fast response, by-passing the useless phone line that may have been damaged in the invasion of your home or business.

GSM Network

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Through Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Complete Security Systems, we provide a dedicated wireless network for your system. Our family of groundbreaking products employs flexible GSM technology, which was designed specifically for digital wireless communication, such as our backup radio feature.

The 7845-GSM system utilizes dual-path GSM communication through General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and automatically switches if the GPRS is unavailable. With the 7845-GSM, Honeywell adds convenient internet connectivity along with GPRS and Short Message Service (SMS) technology to provide triple-path communication. In this case, the Internet is used as the primary path, with GSM technology as a backup. Contact us today for an evaulation of your sercurity system and a demonstration on how this new technology can work for your home or business.


Whether it's for your business or home, SAS can design an electronic security system that provides piece of mind at a price you can afford. With a wide array of products at our disposal, we can design a system that fits your needs and budget, using either conventional hard wired and/or wireless technology.

Systems range from contacting doors and windows to complete area protection, indoors and out. Our innovative design process lets us build systems for specific security needs, such as protecting artwork, firearms, pool areas, etc.

SAS can also provide Access Control solutions for both residential and commercial properties large and small. These systems allow authorized individuals to gain entry into protected areas without the use of mechanical locks or keys.


There are few things more devastating than a fire. To a business, it can mean a loss of income. And in your home, it can mean the loss of priceless possessions. That's why SAS designs and installs custom fire alarm systems for all types of applications.

Our systems go beyond just smoke or fire detection—they can include detection of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and other gases, extreme high and/or low temperatures, and the monitoring of sprinkler and other fire suppression systems. We can also help you re-activate a non-functioning system. All in compliance with your local and state fire codes.


CCTV Systems display and record activity on your property. They can even act as a deterrence to theft or unwanted behaviors. Or provide critical evidence should you need it. SAS installs small surveillance systems for residential properties and 100 plus camera and recording systems for large commercial facilities.

Our systems are digital, multiplexed, and pc-controlled. We also offer remote transmission, via telephone lines, cellular or web-based, which allows you to view your facility from virtually anywhere in the world.

Smart Home

SAS provides a single system approach to the management of an extensive array of prestige electronics and controls. Like a talented conductor guiding and overseeing the virtuosos in an orchestra, SAS Smart Homes Control Systems are designed to direct the various individual smart home technologies and reduce their management to a single, user-friendly system that can incorporate:
Multi Room Audio and Video Distribution

Automated Gates and Locks

Intercom, CCTV and Security Systems

Multiple Scene Lighting Design

Motorized Blinds and Curtains

Environmental Controls & HVAC


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Address: P.O.Box AB20745, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: 242 365 8198
Fax: 242 365 8198